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Male Extra is one of the best male enhancement pills in the world and has been used by millions of people around the world. Male Extra is made from a combination of clinically tested natural ingredients, very powerful to increase blood flow to the penis, providing a hard and long lasting erection.

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Male Extra Reviews

A decrease in male libido often results in a loss of self-confidence and stress. This is often one of the causes of disruption of harmony with a partner. A decrease in male libido can occur due to many factors, both physical and psychological problems.

Male Extra is a very powerful male enhancement pill to increase blood flow to the penis, providing bigger, stronger, and longer lasting erections. It has been used by millions of people around the world. Formulated from natural ingredients.

Since 2009 until now, millions of Male Extra customers around the world claim to get tangible results from this product, they really get the sexual satisfaction they expect and are definitely winners in bed.

Formulated from 100% of the best natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to make this product a natural supplement that is very strong, safe, and has no side effects to worry about even for long-term use. As long as you use it according to the correct dosage and rules, you will get maximum results to improve your overall sexual performance.

There are so many benefits that you can get from Extra Male, ranging from increased sex drive and sexual stamina, increased erection, and many other positive benefits. This is really the best supplement that can be your choice to restore your masculinity in bed.

To further assure you, Male Extra provides a 100-day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. So there is nothing to lose for you to give this great product a try.

Benefits And How Male Extra Works

Male Extra has a very strong formulation from a blend of the best natural ingredients which is very effective at increasing nitric oxide which can widen blood vessels allowing for increased blood flow and oxygen distribution throughout your body.

When your penis is erect it means that your penis is filled with blood, the stronger the blood flow, the bigger and harder your erection will be, and of course it will last longer. Male Extra works to expand blood vessels leading to the penile tissue to increase blood flow to your penis.

Gives A Bigger And Harder Erection

Increased blood flow to the penis will increase your erection to be bigger and harder. With bigger, hard erections you will be more passionate and your partner will really enjoy what you have to give and will ask for it again and again.

Satisfying Orgasm

More blood flow makes your erection harder and as you reach orgasm the resulting contractions will be stronger and longer so that you will experience more intense and pleasant orgasms. That you have never felt before.

Higher Stamina And Endurance

More blood flow can distribute more oxygen to your cells which can make you have more energy and stamina during sexual intercourse. You won't feel tired easily and you can certainly stay longer in bed to really satisfy your partner.

Higher Sex Drive

With better sexual performance, you will certainly feel more passionate and very excited to have sexual intercourse with your partner, even several times a day. You never hesitate to do it because you are very confident that you can give your best performance for your partner.

More Confident

Maybe you previously felt insecure and frustrated at not being able to satisfy your partner. With the help of Male Extra everything will change. You will be very confident to invite your partner to make love because you can guarantee the satisfaction of your partner and will not make him disappointed.

Advantages Of Male Extra

Easy To Use

How to consume Male Extra is quite easy, you can take 3 capsules every day regularly with your breakfast or lunch. You just have to wait for the results to get bigger and harder erections, and a better sex life.

Provides Fast Results

Most Male Extra customers admit to starting to get positive results in the first week. And get maximum results within 1-2 months. They get erections that are really big, hard, and long lasting after using Male Extra.

No Prescription Required

Male Extra is a natural supplement made from natural ingredients so you can get it whenever you want without requiring a special prescription from a doctor. You can order it directly online on the official website.

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100 Day Money Back Guarantee

To further convince its customers, Male Extra provides a 100-day money back guarantee. That's a very long time for a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results you get, you can return the empty Male Extra container that you have used within 100 days along with other unopened containers if you buy more. Your money will immediately be refunded in full according to the product price you paid for.

This guarantee will not apply if you buy Male Extra for one month supply. For products that have not been opened when returned, they must be intact and still sealed properly to qualify for your refund. The guarantee applies to one order per customer.

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Male Extra Ingredients


The nitrate content in pomegranate juice not only increases blood flow to the genitals but can also reduce oxidative stress which is the cause of premature ejaculation. Pomegranate is also able to function as a natural afrosidiac and increase sexual arousal in men. Consuming pomegranate can also provide a surge in the hormone testosterone which can make libido increase.

L-Arginine HCL

This is a powerful amino acid to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, this includes amino acids which function to increase blood flow to the penis which can improve sexuality in men, especially increasing erection and sexual stamina.


It is an excellent natural aphrodisiac for boosting sexual arousal and overall sexual stamina. The results have been proven through clinical trials. Proven to work quickly to increase male sexual arousal and endurance while in bed.


Zinc is known to be very strong to increase the hormone Testosterone, a hormone that is very important for male sexuality, increase libido and sexual stamina. More testosterone means stronger sexual stamina.


Many studies have shown that Niacin is very effective at increasing blood flow and relaxing blood vessels. This gives you the ability to maintain an erection for longer and control your ejaculation better.


This material contains a lot of sulfur which can help penis growth and circulate more blood when you have an erection so that your erection will be stronger and longer lasting. A smoother blood flow can also make your sexual function function properly.


Serves to prevent the conversion of histidine to the hormone histamine, by lowering the levels of the hormone histamine can help you last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation.

Male Extra User Testimonials

testimonials tyrell


Male Extra is the best product I have used. I used it for one month with the aim of getting a bigger erection and last longer during sex. But this product delivered results that exceeded my expectations. This is truly the best product I have come across. Help me to be a real man in bed.

testimonials joseph


I used Male Extra for 2 months and had amazing results. My erections have become harder and last longer than before. And now that I have 3 more bottles left unused, I'll definitely finish them and see what I'll get. You have to try it. I am very satisfied in one try and will not switch to another product.

testimonials cameron


I got a big boost after using Male Extra. Within the first month of use I started to get good results and peak in the second month I got a higher sex drive, I got erections more easily, and the erections I got were bigger and stronger. I'm going to buy it for next month's supply because I'm very satisfied.

How To Buy Male Extra

You can buy Male Extra online directly from the official website to guarantee the authenticity of the product and avoid things that you don't want. Male Extra is not sold in other online shops, so you can only get it on the official website.

For one bottle of Male Extra, you can get it for $59.99. You can use one bottle of Male Extra to supply for one month.

The more you buy, you will get a bigger discount and you can get a free erection gel bonus.

3 MONTH SUPPLY + 1 FREE ERECTION GEL, you can get it for $119.99

5 MONTH SUPPLY + 2 FREE ERECTION GELS, you can get it for $179.99

12 MONTHS SUPPLY + 4 FREE ERECTION GELS, you can get it for $359.99

By buying more at once, you get a much cheaper price than the unit price. Fast & Free World Wide Shipping. There are several payment methods provided, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Your order will be delivered confidentially and very securely, there is no product description outside the package. Your personal data is highly protected.

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